Argonel's London Falling

Scene 4: To the Bottom of the Thames

At 7:45 the comm rings and the caller ID indicates that it is from Ernie using the number he specified in the previous message. I have a reliable report that the Tai Shien tong will be smuggling a cargo on a barge tonight at approximately midnight. They will be using a dock owned by the G E M S junkyard. Destroy most of their cargo and plant the rest as required.

I will pay an additional bonus of 2500Y if you detain at least 3 of the tong members, incapcitated. You can call me back at this number if you succeed at this task. Otherwise e-mail ErnieJ12332@renra.ku to to report that you destroyed the cargo but were unable to detain the tong members. Additional instructions will be sent back to you from that address.


joe_argonel joe_argonel

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